My Manga Sometimes She's the light is my beloved project since i am a middle schooler ♥ 
I made 4 different editions from Volume 1 so it will be like i want it to be. And now. Since 2014 i am nearly at my goal. last Year December 2020 i published my Manga volume 1 and 2 in English. This two volumes are the final ones and i am very proud of the result. Now i will concentrate my energie to the following volumes that are coming. At the moment i am working on Volume 3. I have so much fun and the story is growing inside my head. I hope i can show you volume 3 as soon as possible ┗(`・ω・´)┛

In the following images i want to give you some insights of the Mangas. (☆ω☆*)

Nashi Manga Cover Volume 2 Sometimes she's the Light
Nashi Manga Page Soemtimes she's the Light

Doing some screentones traditional

It is a lot of work but i love the outcoming of each site so much ♥

Nashi Manga Page Soemtimes she's the Light Volume 1

Insight of Volume 1

I love to do some dramatic scene's

Nashi Manga Page Soemtimes she's the Light Volume 2

Insight of Volume 2

The friendship within my charackters is very importent to me 

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How I draw my Juni

Here is a video how I draw my Juni from sketch to color in realtime.
Enjoy the video.

Recession from my Manga's

In the followeing section you can read what my customers say about my Manga ♥

Raben Report

A very true report about my Manga Sometimes she's the Light Band 1 in german.